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Author Topic:   Starvation Heights House
taumy posted 11/1/02 11:03 PM     Click here to send email to taumy  
Where exactly is the 'starvation heights house' located? The reason I ask is, on halloween(2002) a person came to the door and asked if my house was the 'starvation house'. I read the book years ago and I know it's around here somewhere! Post Script:I just moved to Olalla (Orchard Ave. last June)
Thanks for anything
Shawnee posted 2/9/03 6:59 AM     Click here to send email to Shawnee  
I'm not sure of the exact address, but it is at the top of Orchard Hill, and I believe the driveway is fairly long, and lined with trees. Hope that helps.
posted 2/16/03 8:21 AM    
Ashley Lewis posted 7/13/03 10:03 AM     Click here to send email to Ashley Lewis  
Hi...a couple of my friends and I have been researching a lot on Starvation Heights. We have been out for 4 days now studying what everything is. Today we went to try to find the foundation but we havent found it yet. I really would like to know how to get to it. This stuff on this place has really made me fascinated. I also would like to know if the grave yard that is bellow on the cannon has anything that had to do with starvation heights. please email me with any information at Thank you very much
kim posted 8/21/03 4:34 AM     Click here to send email to kim  
8/20/03.....Me and my significant other went to look for this house as I too am reading this strange and macabe story. I live off crescent valley drive and we turned right onto Orchard and went to the top of the hill and down to Fragaria and turned right. The road winded down to the bay and the bluff that over looks olalla boat launch. we hiked up this hill that traversed as described in the book. we came to a landing but saw no trees in a line. There was a gulch but no foundation. I will try the top of orchard hill and see what we find. That area is kinda creepy we got stuck by nettles that burned. We laughed it off by saying that doc hazzard is reaching out from the grave.........what a sick woman!!
diane posted 9/21/03 12:05 AM    
does any one know where linda or sam hazzard is buried? i too have tried to find the place where the house and/or sanitorium was but has had no luck.
Ken posted 10/3/03 11:10 PM     Click here to send email to Ken  
I grew up in olalla in the 60s and 70s, and we had friends that lived up on Orchard road, what i didnt realize until years later was that this was Starvation Heights. There was little left of the cabins then. But if you go up Orchard ave almost to the crest of the hill before you reach Black Road it will be on your right hand side. It is overgrown but thats the best I can do for directions.
Lucas posted 10/7/03 8:48 AM     Click here to send email to Lucas  
hey... does anyone want to go look for the foundation? i have a friend that lives close and we were looking for other people to go. e-mail me if you are interested.
Ken posted 10/9/03 0:27 AM     Click here to send email to Ken  
Everyone please remember this is private property and peaple still live on the property. so it would be to your best interest to get permission once the property is located. I am sure ever since the release of the book the owners have been overwhelmed with people trampling around
OLALLA posted 10/19/03 7:30 AM     Click here to send email to OLALLA  
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Ashley Lewis posted 10/23/03 7:00 AM     Click here to send email to Ashley Lewis  
Hey everyone. My friends I got permission to get a guide to the foundation a little while ago...well a while ago before i started college and i was going to go back soon and see if it was still possible. the owner of the house said that he would lets us see it but we had to wait for his sons baseball season to end so if anyone is still interested in going there with us please feel free to email me.
Robin posted 11/13/03 4:19 PM     Click here to send email to Robin  
I am reading the book right now and my family grew up and still lives around here. I would like to see/know where the foundation is.
OLALLA posted 12/3/03 11:34 AM     Click here to send email to OLALLA  
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amber posted 12/19/03 9:13 PM     Click here to send email to amber  
hey i was just wondering if you all have pictures of the house and if so send it to me. oh and i hear it is not haunted, and were is the cemetary? well thanks to you all that help me out.
amber posted 12/19/03 9:13 PM     Click here to send email to amber  
hey i was just wondering if you all have pictures of the house and if so send it to me. oh and i hear it is not haunted, and were is the cemetary? well thanks to you all that help me out.
lindsay giantvalley posted 1/9/04 6:11 AM     Click here to send email to lindsay giantvalley  
i know where the cemetary is and know a little about the story itself. plus i know where the cabins were and where some people were buried-the trees are in a straight line, marking their graves. if anyone has any questions or would like a tour guide, feel free to contact me.
Bren posted 1/22/04 7:36 PM     Click here to send email to Bren  
I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any real good "Haunted" places in the bremrton area? Thanks...
?????????? posted 2/28/04 1:38 AM    
The Sarvation Heights house is PRIVATE PROPERTY so do not go wondering around without permission. If you want to look around just ask and when one of us is home (prety much only the oldest son will show) we or he would be glad to give a tour and tell you about it.
gravesites...hauntedhouses posted 3/2/04 2:25 PM    
the fascination of human suffering...the desire to make a field trip of walking over somebodys grave whom you never knew,as storys are embelished,what was once sacred,,or deserving of respect,becomes rather trendy the thing to see,,when i drive by these places ,i liketo give a silent prayer to those soles that suffered,of coarse that doesnt make for good conversation the next day at whatever trendy place you sort gather at to talk about how you actually stood on the spot where people were tortured,,my guess is many of you even finish your story with a "see ya at church sunday"
gravesites...hauntedhouses posted 3/2/04 2:40 PM    
i have lived in olalla for most ofmy 37 years,,the most drastic changes ive seen on the valleyroad where i live is the new folks that dont have the values and respect that the oldtimers ofthis area installed,,and that typeof old school country thinking is what made this the nice friendly town that attracted you people that now want to have guided tours of our graveyards...why cant you entertain yourselves by just tippin a cow now and then...j otto
another thing that torques my trousers posted 3/2/04 3:41 PM    
and i still ask if its "tourist season"then why cant ya shootem?
OLALLA posted 3/28/04 2:55 PM    
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Brenda posted 5/3/04 4:31 PM     Click here to send email to Brenda  
My stster and her husband live in the starvation heights house. It is located at the top of Orchard going up the hill on the right side, surrounded by rows of trees. I visit the house alot, there are many strange things that go on. A psychic has visited and left in tears, because of the sadness of the spirts in the house.
Brenda posted 5/3/04 4:36 PM     Click here to send email to Brenda  
P.S. Please be aware of the privacy of my family, before you go to the property!
Brenda posted 5/3/04 4:39 PM     Click here to send email to Brenda  
NWGuy posted 5/4/04 9:41 AM    
First of all "Gravesites...Hauntedhouses" doesn't live in Olalla, only some jerk who only thinks hicks live in this area would write that sort of stufff. Next, Brenda, there is no "starvation heights house" any longer. It is justa foundation.
P.S. the confirmation code at the bottom of my posting is the last four letters of my SSN, wierd, coincidental, but wierd.
OLALLA posted 5/25/04 8:58 PM     Click here to send email to OLALLA  
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SuzyQ posted 8/7/04 6:30 AM     Click here to send email to SuzyQ  
Me and my friend walked up to the graveyard a few days ago, and none of the headstones represent anyone who died in the sanitarium, but if you notice all of the white and orange stake poles, they are everywhere. I think those are markings of where the patience were buried, linda hazard could not have carried those tombstones by herself, let alone have them made without anyone questioning her. There is also a trail in the graveyard that continues on. I believe the foundation is up there. The house at the bottom of the orchard on the right hand side is the house, or property dr.hazard lived on, it was not the sanitarium.
Jim posted 2/4/05 7:18 PM     Click here to send email to Jim  
I have joined the interested. A friend heard about this place, and we have searched the internet for info. (not much there) We are both local, so it was odd that we'd never heard about it before.. let me join the rest in saying, "PLEASE SEND ME iNFO!!!" Any stories or anything.. we went up there with a dog, the dog went crazy.. not barking.. growling.. it was creepy. probably growling at a Chipmonk or something, however..
Kahlan posted 1/18/06 11:06 PM    
The owners of "Starvation Heights" has granted permission to WSPIR to conduct a paranormal investigation in June 2005. The group will be conducting an additional investigation soon (in 2006).
The cabin and remains of the sanitarium or on private property so, please do not trespass.
Paranormal Research and Investigation
Blake posted 3/1/06 7:53 AM     Click here to send email to Blake  
Hmmm, my brother and I and a friend or two want to visit all of this. I understand that the cabin and foundation are on private property, but uh, I'm willing to risk seeing it just once. To be able to see it would be great. Do the same people still live in the Hazzard house? I would love a tour.
Jean posted 4/11/06 0:02 AM    
I found out about the book backwards... first I found the property, then heard the story, then the book. I am only writing this out of curiosity... Brenda, when you claim to be family, and attempt to give directions, why do you leave out the most easily distinguished markers on the road? I think you are repeating what you have heard, and have never been there, As there are two things on the street that leave no room to question to get to the location. And NO do not ask for the "markers" as I feel horrible for the family that lives there to have their lives so disrupted.
,,,,,, posted 10/22/07 7:54 PM    
we attempted to find the location through google maps yesterday, do not listen to google maps, because clearly they gave us the wrong place and even in the wrong place we didn't tread on anyone's property. Just because we're curious about the history of a place bad or good, doesn't mean we're completely inconsiderate. not acknowledging that something happened there, during these so called good old days of yours in a way is a form of dis-respect in my eyes. Claiming that by being interested in this story is having a disregard for your founders is completely ignorant and stubborn. clearly the people that live there if your polite and ask don't have a problem showing people around, so there's really no need to get yourself all worked up about city folk ruining your perfect small town.
also, the cemetery is pretty accessible but from what I can tell, mostly founders are buried there. here's a website with the names of everyone there
John posted 5/8/08 7:54 PM     Click here to send email to John  
I would like to know how to contact the current owners; I'd like to visit the place but don't want to be rude and just go stomping around on private property.
Kahlan posted 7/24/08 2:10 AM     Click here to send email to Kahlan  
We have recently spoken with the family and they wish us to convey that the property is PRIVATE and will not allow any further investigations. The original cabin has now been removed. Please respect their wishes and do not trespass.
Paranormal Investigators
Nate posted 7/26/08 9:24 PM     Click here to send email to Nate  
I was wondering, does anyone know where and if Linda Hazzard is buried?
Kami Rowan posted 6/23/11 12:47 AM     Click here to send email to Kami Rowan  
kami olsen 06/22/2011
Hi my name is Kami Rowan . In 1970 my Parents Gary & Donna Rowan bought the original 1911 home of Dr. Linda Hazzard. At that time I was 8 yrs old my brother Shawn was 10, brother Brian was 12 and my brother Jody was 13. We lived there for 7-8 yrs. When we 1st moved into the house the little cabins where some of the people lived were still standing. But they were not real sturdy and my dad was worried that one of of kids would get hurt playing in or around them so he knocked them down to the ground. Anyway Im looking forward in going back to the house on July 16th.2011 And wow do I have some ghost stories to tell. Hope to see you there....
Debbie posted 7/8/11 4:24 AM     Click here to send email to Debbie  
I would love to see you there and hear your ghost stories! Where could I find you?
Ken posted 8/29/11 2:24 AM    
I want to check out the cemetary that is adjacent
to the property back in the woods, the only part
that able to be accessed by the public, and have
had no luck in actually locating the cemetery. If
anyone has any information to as the location
please email me. I am doing research for a
movie I am writing.
please any information is useful. Thank u
Donavan posted 9/16/11 4:19 AM     Click here to send email to Donavan  
I've been looking for starvation heights
also but cannot find it. Any information
would be nice and helpful. I do not wish
to trespass.
kelly posted 7/8/12 4:21 AM     Click here to send email to kelly  
I need contact information for anyone who would
wish to give an interview in regard to Starvation
Heights- anything, really. I am doing a research
paper for a college assignment, and would love to
interview anyone with a personal ecperience, or be
given permission to view the property. THank you.
Please reply to
?? posted 6/27/13 10:57 PM    
If you check this article out
It states the names of the current owners. If you
look up there names in the county assessor site it
shows the address
If you look at bing maps, bird eye view and zoom
close up you can see the building in question.
TCS posted 9/20/14 9:24 PM     Click here to send email to TCS  
lol some of you on this forum
are so uptight. It's not a
"trend", it's history.
The people living on this
property are very fortunate to
call home to such a historical
spot, as tragic as the events
that took place there were.
It is a fascinating thing to
behold. I don't know if the
property has been in the family
for long but you would figure
they'd be used to peoples
curiosity of the place.
Just be respectful of privacy
and don't just trespass, ask
permission first.
I have held an interest in the
place for many, many years and
would love to see more of it if
Missed out on the tour with that
author a while back, i'd say
it's time someone host
I'd pay to see that, what's left
of it all anyway.
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