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Author Topic:   farmers market
elkins posted 7/30/08 3:50 PM    
Visited th farmers market on the square on 7/26. A gentlemen with white pickup and trailer had tomatoes which he said were from Canton. I bought $4 worth and when getting home found stickers on them indicating they were bought at a wholesaler, not from Canton as he said. I believe the "farmers" should have farms and not buy vegetables etc. from the wholesalers downtown.
Nona posted 8/11/08 1:20 AM     Click here to send email to Nona  
I have had a the same thing happen at the Farmers Market, I love going to the market and will continue and what is the point of lying. I won't go back to that vendor again and it just gives you a bad name.
concerned citizen posted 8/27/08 3:21 PM    
I had the same thing happen as well with some plums. I felt deceived and haven't been back.
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