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Author Topic:   Rockwall High School Seniors - Lawn Mowing Service!
Joey posted 5/15/09 2:58 AM     Click here to send email to Joey  
Hi Rockwall! Myself (Joey Williams) and two of my friends, (Cody McCoy and Clint Ritchey) are starting a lawn mowing business this summer in order to raise some money for college next year.
Our business is called Greenscape Lawn Care, and we're currently in the process of gathering clients starting immediately. We can service the Rockwall/Rowlett/Heath/Fate area, and our business includes Mowing, Trimming, Weedeating, light weed-pulling, and even picking up dog-droppings if the need be.
If anyone is interested in getting a free estimate on their lawn, please contact us at!
Thanks for listening guys - we look forward to (hopefully) doing business with you!
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