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Author Topic:   National Guard
Cpl Ryan Jones posted 9/16/09 9:10 PM     Click here to send email to Cpl Ryan Jones  
I am a recruiter for the Texas Army National Guard. We are currently in need of the following
OCS candidates (officers)- All you need is atleast 60 hours of college and meet basic qualifications. Your monthly drill pay would be $350 to $500 per weekend.
Warrant Officers - Must be E5 and have less than a 1 year break in service or currently be in the national guard.
Enlisted personnel - military intelligence, engineer field etc.
Your part-time service can earn you great benefits
- Monthly drill pay
- $50,000 in student loans repaid
- 100% tuition and fees covered at any Texas college (except private schools)
- Gi bills of up to $529 monthly
- Very low cost tricare insurance
- Bonus up to $20,000
- Retirement pay after 20 years...not bad for part-time and only 39 days of year of training.

I am not a pushy recruiter by any means. If you want to message me here or call me with questions feel free. My number is 972-762-3420 or 469-474-9396. Email is
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