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Author Topic:   PLANET KIDZ
Zuly posted 10/4/11 7:44 AM     Click here to send email to Zuly  
Hi everyone, we will open other ►Planet
Kidz◄ at Dorothy Smith Pullen Elementary
School, Every kid can join us, parents
must sign the membership the firs time,
the events are fridays from
7 to 11 the kids will have a lot of fun,
planet kidz is a safe entertainment for
youth or kids, come to Join Us.
The program is amazing your kids will
love coming fridays to have fun.
Trained Staff
Concession items
Gym Activities
Live DJ
Inflatable Games
Wii games
Hang out with Friends
Dancing contest
Karaoke contests
Basketball Contest
Football Contest
Birthday Parties
We take the safety and security of your
kids very seriously. We want to
make sure that the kids stay in the
building, out of trouble and in good
There is a ZERO tolerance policy on
Drugs, Alcohol, Fighting, bullying
gambling, and other illegal activities.
There is a once only warning policy on
things like dirty dancing, public
displays of affections and other
questionable behavior.
Our uniformed local officer is involved
to make sure that these rules are
followed and enforced, but often they
will play with the kids and have just as
much fun as anyone on site.
Every event location is expected to have
on site a uniformed police officer.
Upon arrival, youth must sign in at
front door.
When event is over, a parent or guardian
18 + must sign the youth out.
parent or guardians , please don\\\'t be
late to pick up your kid.
Late pick up - we charge $5.00 for every
5 minutes a parent or guardians late
after 11:15 PM.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you
have any question about the program!!!
Entertainment for Rockwall Children
Zuly posted 10/4/11 7:45 AM     Click here to send email to Zuly  
Entertainment for Rockwall Children
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