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Stacy Waddell Morris posted 1/28/04 8:21 AM     Click here to send email to Stacy Waddell Morris  
My father is John Porter Waddell, his was Thomas Arthur Waddell his was John Elam Waddell his was Jabez Alexander Waddell his was Elam Waddell his was John Waddell his was William Waddell from Ireland. William's other son was Moses Waddell a great educator of his time. I am looking for William's parents and siblings. Great to be able to connect with "kin". Thanks for any help. Stacy
Jim Waddell posted 4/16/05 2:51 PM     Click here to send email to Jim Waddell  
I am interested in William Waddell who according to a family story was a relative.
My Waddell from Ireland is Robert Waddell, father unknown, mother is Esther, maiden name unk. Robert came to Charleston, SC in 1820 and settled in Columbia, SC where he married, had 3 sons and died in 1841.
His son George Henry Waddell was known to have professed a family relationship to Moses Waddell, William's son.
Robert's son James Davis Waddell served in the Civil War and settled in Thomson, GA. He had many children one of whom was my grandfather, James Beckett Waddell.
One reason for my interest in William and Moses is that it might help me find who Robert's father was.
Robert had a brother John who also settled in Columbia, SC. John had a son and daughter born in/near Lubec, Maine who came to SC with John and his wife Catherine who was also born in Maine. Obviously, John made a stopover in Maine.
Robert's mother Esther also came to Columbia alone around 1828 and lived with Robert until her death in 1838 at age 80.
All were from County Donegal, Ireland.
Can you shed some light on William's siblings? Perhaps one of them would be Robert's father, or a cousin.
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